4 blog post ideas that drive more traffic quickly on your website.

ontent writing is one of the hardest step for beginners here you have to exercise your mind and create a unique idea,

but when we start writing then get stuck because we don’t know from where we should start, and unable to figure out what to write ❓

here in this artilce we suggest you easiest ways how to make quality content for quick traffic on your website.

now start the journey of quality content there are 4 ways below.

#1 How-to's and Tutorials

Now a days Millions tech channel on you tube and people get educate on internet and in all this blogging and vloginng helps a lot to learn new thing and most of the content related to how to make and how to learn so you can share your skill and make tutorials.


So here is a point arise which is that what type of content you can develop in How-to’s and Tutorials.

  • Tech Video Tutorials
  • Education videos
  • Daily life hack videos
  • Life Experience and Vlogging


Most of the  people afraid from Blogging but simply say this is only sharing  your views and what you do and what’s your work and business you can explain through the blog and share your service and why people hire you.

in this category you can establish your credibility and expertise. try to make content easy and readable by which audiance connect to you and understand what is your bussniess and service for the better choose. 

#2 list posts

List post is also in trend in this we write our content in the form of list. this format of writing make post easy and readable.streamline information into a numbered list that’s easy for your readers to read, share and put into action.

list post very blogger to blogger some hate it while like it. this is finest way to short explanations but don’t give opportunity to write in depth. but there’s no denying it’s effective.

#3 reviews

There are two kinds of review posts: A straight review of a product or a compare-and-contrast of multiple related products.

Many blogs have made a business out of straight reviews of products and services. You can find review posts of books, software, local restaurants and everything in between.

I should tell you, though, that reviewing products regularly may get you free, unsolicited samples from people looking to get coverage in your blog, so be prepared for free gifts! (If you ever needed a reason to review bacon on your blog, I just gave it to you.)

As consumers, we rarely if ever have the time to fully test every product in a category ourselves, so we do research on the web. Offer a head-to-head comparison of products to drive a lot of traffic to your site.


#4 videos in trend

in this era we have least number of readers most of the people liked to watch a video of any content and video post also in trend if you making youtube video that’s very great but if you launch your own video blog series that’s helps you to grow you traffic on your website .

but here you must do it while you making a video blog on your website Surround your video with related contextual copy, or just include a transcript of the video to create a valuable blog post. Either way, you’ll be getting more views for your video and increasing the time visitors spend on your blog.

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